#SongoftheWeek: Andy Brown – ‘About Last Night’

  • ARTIST: Andy Brown
  • SONG: About Last Night


When we last left the Andy Brown solo story on this blog it was November last year, when ‘Landslide’, his debut single and duet with Chrissie Rhodes from The Shires was our #SongoftheWeek. A couple more excellent singles have happened in that time – ‘Talk of the Town’ in February, then ‘Put That Record On’ in April – as well as extensive touring of the UK.

And 20th July was when we were supposed to be getting ‘Cedarmont’, his eagerly awaited debut solo album, having already been pushed back from its original June release date. So it was a bit of a shock when even Andy himself Tweeted that he was the last to know Decca Records were total idiots and were cancelling its release. He has, perhaps unsurprisingly, parted ways with them, master tapes in hand.

Fortunately, Decca were total idiots in more ways than one, in that we managed to legally obtain a paid digital download copy of the ‘Cedarmont’ album on Amazon on the aborted release day before they realised the administrative error of their already foolish ways. However, as we suspected Messr Brown would probably be going back to the drawing board before it got a release through an independent set-up, we’ve held off reviewing it in full until then.

However, having had the album (albeit by chance) in our lives for the last six weeks, one track stood out as a potential single candidate the minute we heard it. And now it actually is a single. Nice how that works out, isn’t it?

A proper four to the floor country pop hoedown about one night stands turning into something more, it’s a cheeky little number that you can’t help but tap your foot along to, and, much like many of his releases so far, you feel the urge to leave quite happily on repeat.

Well done Andy on getting back on your feet so quickly with such a belter of a single – and here’s to hoping we get a proper release of the ‘Cedarmont’ album very soon.

About Last Night’ is available to stream and download right now via LTLA Music. Twitter: @AndyBrownMusic

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