About Me (and the Blog)

Well hello there to you and welcome to Alex’s Blog (still crazy, still stupid)…

As you might have guessed, my name’s Alex and this is my blog. I’m thirty somdghing years old, and I’m from Essex, and I have been writing online in some capacity or another for the last 15 years. I only really started blogging in July 2011 – when I set up a little corner of the internet about a certain pop star. You may have heard of him, and indeed the site in question.

This particular blog launched three years ago, as ‘Alex’s Crazy Stupid Blog’ in August 2014. It’s my little corner of the web to showcase my writing on a whole wealth of things that I’m passionate about and have an interest in. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Music (especially pop music)
  • Books
  • TV shows
  • Films
  • Playlists
  • Showcase of my poems and other things I write creatively
  • My own general thoughts on the world!

My style of writing is sometimes erratic, quite witty and irreverent, but always with its heart in the right place. The philosophy of my blog is to be a part of the blogging world – and the world generally – that brings a little bit of light to the mundanity of modern life as we know it.

There’s always some regular posts to look out for, including, but not limited to:

  • #CrazyStupidPlaylist: My specially curated Spotify playlists and commentary on all sorts of music and artists, from Coldplay to J.Lo.
  • #CrazyStupidTV: My reviews of some of my favourite TV shows on the box.
  • #CrazyStupidGig: My reviews of amazing live gigs or shows I’ve been to see recently.
  • #CrazyStupidAlbum: My reviews of new albums I’ve been listening to.
  • #CrazyStupidBook: My reviews of books that have got me page turning at the moment.
  • #CrazyStupidFilm: My reviews of films I’ve watched recently.
  • #SongoftheWeek: Every Friday, a brand new song for you all that I’m loving right now.
  • #BlastfromthePast: Every Saturday, I hop aboard my blogging DeLorean to bring you my retrospective piece on a favourite TV show, star, music act or film from years gone by.
  • Tweet Hee Hee: Every Monday at 7am, some funny Tweets and social media happenings from the last 7 days to brighten up the start of the new week.
  • #ThrowbackTunesday: Every Tuesday at 7am, five UK chart hits from five points in the last 25 years in a specially curated Spotify playlist and blog.
  • End of Year Prizes: Handed out every Christmas on Boxing Day, these are the special prizes we award to our favourites of the year about to pass.
  • Dear Cat & Fi: A series of blogs written to my twin sisters, who live in London.

I’m always looking to get the input of and hear from you, the reader. You can comment on the blogs, but you can also Tweet me at this part of Twitter.

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