#SongoftheWeek: Jonas Brothers – ‘What A Man Gotta Do’

ARTIST: Jonas Brothers SONG: What A Man Gotta Do SO ALEX, WHY IS THIS YOUR SONG OF THE WEEK? Really, this shouldn't have happened. Jonas Brothers' "Sucker" was one of our surprise pop bops of last year, in constant rotation on our Spotify, number one across the world and still to this day it remains … Continue reading #SongoftheWeek: Jonas Brothers – ‘What A Man Gotta Do’

#SongoftheWeek: No Rome feat. Dijon – ‘Trust3000’

ARTIST: No Rome feat. Dijon SONG: Trust3000 SO ALEX, WHY IS THIS YOUR SONG OF THE WEEK? A small disclaimer, readers. The older we, the present writer get, the more aware of the fact we sound decidedly less hip when introducing a new name in music then we did say, a decade ago, particularly when … Continue reading #SongoftheWeek: No Rome feat. Dijon – ‘Trust3000’

#CrazyStupidAlbum: Westlife (@westlifemusic) – ‘Spectrum’

If 2019 is going to be remembered as the year of anything music wise, it'll be of those unexpectedly brilliant pop comebacks from bands and artists that many thought were lost to time forever. Busted? Delivered the best album of their career. Jonas Brothers? One of the catchiest modern pop singles of the year with … Continue reading #CrazyStupidAlbum: Westlife (@westlifemusic) – ‘Spectrum’

#SongoftheWeek: The Script – ‘Run Through Walls’

ARTIST: The Script SONG: Run Through Walls SO ALEX, WHY IS THIS YOUR SONG OF THE WEEK? Something strange happened with Dublin rockers The Script on their last album, 2017's chart topping 'Freedom Child'. They tried to move towards a more contemporary sound than what we usually know and love them for, evidenced by that … Continue reading #SongoftheWeek: The Script – ‘Run Through Walls’