The Story of Pop: 1999 (Chapter 38)

It's Thursday, it's midday, and time once again to bring you another slice of the UK charts as they looked and sounded twenty whole years ago. This is The Story of Pop: 1999. And this week, another imported dancefloor filler - this time from Italy - that was the second biggest selling single of the … Continue reading The Story of Pop: 1999 (Chapter 38)


#SongoftheWeek: Capulets – ‘Community Centre’

ARTIST: Capulets SONG: Community Centre SO ALEX, WHY IS THIS YOUR SONG OF THE WEEK? Now, usually how it works in pop is this: person joins band, band release a few records, maybe they play live a bit, do some other amazing stuff and become fairly brilliant, band ends or takes a break, person from … Continue reading #SongoftheWeek: Capulets – ‘Community Centre’