#SongoftheWeek: Now United – ‘Summer In The City’

  • ARTIST: Now United
  • SONG: Summer In The City


Boybands and girl groups are frequent fixtures of the charts. But mixed gender pop groups are a bit like buses. How so, I hear you ask? Because you wait for one, and then along comes one with fourteen members. Yes, you did read that correctly. Fourteen members.

And it’s kind of fitting that the person behind Now United should be the man who was behind one of pop’s greatest co-ed groups of all time. Pop impresario Simon Fuller (Spice Girls, Pop Idol, and most importantly for the context of this blog, S Club 7) formed the fourteen piece strong pop band of teens through global auditions just shy of two years ago.

With members scouted from the worlds of music, acting and dance (sound familiar?), from countries including Senegal, Brazil, Korea, Germany and the UK (hence their name), they have their own YouTube series that’s attracted millions of hits since it’s launch and a strong social media following behind them. So far, so Miami 7 for 2018.

Fortunately, as with most 19 Management affiliated pop projects, the music is an absolute blinder too. Their debut single ‘Summer In The City’ is a rainbow bright explosion of sunny dance pop that is impossible not to like, with the productive hand of RedOne (Lady GaGa, Britney Spears) to its name. You’d do well to get to know Now United. They could be about to bring the party back to pop that we’ve not had since, well, 1999?

Click above to watch the video for ‘Summer In The City’. Now United will release their debut album later this year via 19 Recordings. Twitter: @NowUnitedMusic

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