Walk&Talk4Men goes virtual

Evening everyone,

Been a while since our last normal post. Strange to call it that in this time, but hope you’re all keeping safe and well and staying home. Like a lot of things at the moment, Walk&Talk4Men, the men’s walking group I’m part of, has had to clear it’s diary of walks for obvious reasons.

But if this challenging time for us all has curbed us with limitations, it has also given us the chance to innovate and think outside the box and make new opportunities. Which is precisely what we have done with our new Virtual Talks.

Our group, along with many others, and the support we give to gents who are struggling with their mental health, is needed more than ever at the moment, even though the walks have to stop for a while.

Much like the regular walks, our Virtual Talks are there for all us bros to talk openly about how we’re feeling. A problem shared is a problem halved and all that. And as with the regular walks, there’s no pressure on anybody to talk if they don’t want to – just to be a listening ear makes all the difference.

Our first Virtual Talk yesterday was such an uplifting tonic, and greatly needed and appreciated by all (even if our faces don’t show it in the above pic. The joys of awkward screenshots, eh?). So much so we’ve now got another one happening tomorrow.

So if you’re about tomorrow at 4pm, simply download the Zoom app, and then follow our social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (search ‘Walk & Talk 4 Men’) and our main man James will post the link when the chat is live.

Hope we see you all there. Please share this with the men in your life and remember – be kind, stay safe, stay home,


X x

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