The Good News Week (01/04/2020)


Welcome all to this week’s edition of The Good News Week. In fact, this is the first one in a few weeks. I will not lie when I say the events of the last few weeks have made me sad, fearful, even triggered a lot of my anxiety about certain situations.

But I have remembered that one key thing I always wanted this blog to be was an oasis of calm and good feeling, even when the world isn’t in the grip of a crisis like the current one. And how important it is to keep that going for you, the person reading this right now.

And that all of us need to find hope and strength and inspiration in the present time. Which is why I’m going to continue to do these posts.

If you enjoy the stories we’ve found this week, let us know – remember this is a place for you to share any good news you find too, be it local or national – and from wherever in the world you are!

If you find something positive in the news that you think we should feature on next week’s blog, then you can leave your comments below or Tweet us with the hashtag #GoodNewsWeek.

Also if you enjoy our featured stories, and are able to, please consider donating to one or even some of the organisations who really need supporting at the present time who I’ve listed at the end of this blog. Many thanks, much love and stay safe.


So first this week, to my little corner of the world in Essex, and on EssexLive, the story of Emily Cotgrove and Oli Arnold, from Chelmsford, who have very kindly offered their campervan that’s usually rented out to holidaymakers for NHS staff having to self isolate. More on this story of great kindness here.


Next from Evening Standard, Rick Astley has announced this week a free concert for NHS workers this October as a way of saying thank you for all their efforts in the current crisis which, he said in a statement, hopes will be ‘a flag in the ground’ and a reminder ‘that things will get better’. Details of the gig at Manchester Arena can be found here.


Finally this week, The Betting and Gaming Council reports that all the big betting agencies have teamed together to hold a virtual version of the annual Grand National horse racing event, to be shown on ITV this coming Saturday. The profits from this are being donated to NHS Charities Together – find out more info here.

Whilst not exhaustive, this is a list of some organisations who could really do with support or donations in this difficult time for us all. If you are able to donate, or even just share these with people on social media, it will really make a difference. Thank you.

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