#SongoftheWeek: Now United – ‘Crazy Stupid Silly Love’

  • ARTIST: Now United
  • SONG: Crazy Stupid Silly Love


It’s been just over a year since we first wrote about Now United, the fourteen membered(!) mixed gender pop combo that are the latest brainchild of one Simon Fuller (and if you don’t know who that is by now, you clearly haven’t heard any pop music since approximately 1991. I digress).

A lot’s happened since then – there’s been many more amazing singles, their YouTube channel continues to grow in the millions by the day. They’ve even starred in high profile ad campaigns for Pepsi and Rexona (that’s Sure deodorants to you and I here in Blighty). But just one crucial element to their plan for world dominance has eluded them thus far.

Chiefly, for all his previous forward thinking multimedia platform exploits with Spice Girls, Pop Idol and his former band who remain the natural (pardon the pun) reference point for Now United, S Club 7, Simon seems to have been oddly reluctant to let their music appear on streaming platforms. Until now.

Last week finally saw the release of all their singles catalogue to date for streaming and download. Certified bops from last year like ‘Who Would Think That Love?‘ and ‘All Day‘ remain exactly that, as does this brand new one, which is that rare beast of joyful, bottled happiness that pop seems to be missing these days. More power to Now United for – hopefully – bringing it back to the charts in style.

‘Crazy Stupid Silly Love’, along with the rest of Now United’s singles to date, are available to stream and download now via XIX Entertainment. Twitter: @NowUnitedMusic

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