#SongoftheWeek: Jonas Brothers – ‘Sucker’


  • ARTIST: Jonas Brothers
  • SONG: Sucker


Between Alphabeat a couple of weeks ago and our favourite new song of the week this week, you may be mistaken for thinking we’re writing about pop from 11 years ago (to the people who said ‘You are’ – RUDE). But no, 2008 fans. It is very much 2019. With that established, let’s cut to the chase here.

There are some bands greater than the sum of their parts. Jonas Brothers, I have to confess, were never that for me, even at their height (‘SOS’ aside, which remains a total jam in a 00s clean cut frat rock kind of way). Nick and Joe’s solo ventures – the latter of course with DNCE – were a far more entertaining prospect for me than any of their ‘Only on the Disney Channel’ ventures were.


So it’s pleasing therefore, that a new single from them in 2019 sounds exactly like a current and very brilliant pop record. Having OneRepublic frontman and general writer of amazing hits Ryan Tedder on the credits may have something to do with it. Having a pretty infectious chorus that slays most of their competitors into perdition is possibly another.



Just very occasionally, you have that utterly divine moment where an artist you often wouldn’t have time for releases a record that’s so deserving of being nothing less than a global smash hit. Provided the rest of what follows on their as yet to be titled new album matches this, could we be looking at Jonas Brothers having the surprise brilliant comeback of the year? I’m very confident we will.

‘Sucker’ is available to stream and download now via Republic Records. Twitter: @JonasBrothers


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