#SongoftheWeek: Tom Chaplin – ‘Under a Million Lights’

  • ARTIST: Tom Chaplin
  • SONG: Under a Million Lights


For those that like keeping count, Friday 17th November 2017 will go down as the date, and thus the point, I first mentioned the C word on this here blog this year. No, not that C word – rude. With just six weeks to go, Christmas time is advancing on us yet again, and thus the seasonal albums are appearing to vye for stocking filler status.

Most surprising of all amongst the greater spotted Ball & Boe and yet another Taylor Swift album, is a new wintery themed record from one Tom Chaplin. The former lead singer of 00s Brit soft rockers Keane (whose ‘Hopes & Fears’ was one of our albums of 2004) has, for his second solo release, bought out ‘Twelve Tales of Christmas’, a mixture of cover versions of old festive favourites – The Pretenders’ “2000 Miles” and Aled Jones’ “Walking in the Air”, anyone? – and new tracks like this glorious first single.

‘Under a Million Lights’ is one of those songs, like Sugababes’ “New Year” and East 17’s “Stay Another Day” (the latter of which, incidentally, is also featured on the album) that sounds gorgeously, heart warmingly seasonal, but not in the cliched, saccharine sense of that notion.

So if you’re already exacerbated by supermarkets playing Slade and Mariah at full tilt on repeat, pop your headphones in, grab a mulled wine and shut the world out with a far gentler way to ease in the festivities to come.

‘Under a Million Lights’ and the album ‘Twelve Tales of Christmas’ are available to stream and download now on Universal Island. Twitter: @TomChaplin

Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts of my song choice this week on my Twitter using the hashtag #SongoftheWeek!

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