New for 2019!

Happy new year! We’re back! Welcome to 2019 on the blog. I can’t quite believe we’re now starting the fifth year of this little corner of the web.

Today’s first blog of the year is a special one, as we’re giving you our guide to our new weekly schedule of posts for 2019 – with some old favourites returning, and some new series for you too…

  • #TweetHeeHee (Mondays, 7am from 7th January) 

Back to start your Monday mornings with a giggle, it’s #TweetHeeHee, our weekly round up of all the hilarious stuff we’ve seen on our social media travels in the last seven days.

  • #CatchupRoundup (Tuesdays, 6pm from 8th January)

Our latest series that started last September now moves to a new slot from next week. Now every Tuesday at 6pm, #CatchupRoundup is your weekly guide to all the best shows to find on the on demand telly services.

  • The Good News Week (Wednesdays, 5pm from 2nd January)

Regular readers of the blog may remember that for the last couple of years we’ve started the year with #ProjectHappyJanuary – a series of weekly posts in January with some activities and ideas to start what’s traditionally the quietest and darkest time of year with some positivity.

On reflection, we felt a responsibility to use our blog as a positive space on the interweb further, and decided that somehow, we wanted a series of posts focussing on the good things and people in the world that are bringing about positive change – or just raising a smile – to be an all year thing. Hence our new series, The Good News Week, where every Wednesday, we scour the world’s media outlets to bring you some good news.

  • The Story Of Pop: 1999 (Thursdays, 12pm from 3rd January)

Twenty years ago, at the eve of the millennium, in 1999, the charts were chock a block with loads of amazing pop music. In our new weekly series every Thursday, we tell the story of the hits from the year that bought us everything from the debut of a certain Britney Spears to an obscure dance hit about the colour blue – with an accompanying Spotify playlist updated weekly for you to listen back and reminisce with.

  • #SongoftheWeek (Fridays, 7am from 4th January)

We don’t need to tell you about this one, do we? Well, we’re gonna anyway. As always, every Friday morning to kickstart your weekend, we bring you a brilliant, freshly released new song for your ears and eyes to marvel over. And better still this year, we’re keeping them all in a handy Spotify playlist for you too. We are just too good to you, are we not?

Thanks for all your support, reads and comments of the blog last year. Hope you all enjoy what’s to come and here’s to an even better 2019.

Much love always,


X x


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