Christmas Song Advent Calendar 2018: Day 6

  • ARTIST: Busted
  • SONG: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

    Rare is the pop band who chooses to cover one of the best loved seasonal carols that tells the story of the first Christmas. But then, Busted have never been most pop bands. After all, their biggest hit (‘Year 3000’) references Back to the Future, does it not? 

    Starting deceptively traditionally, with Charlie Simpson intoning the carol’s opening verse in a choral style, it soon gives way to a rollicking Californian surf punk pop style that would give New Found Glory a run for their money. Totally brilliant.

    Don’t forget to follow our Christmas Song Advent Calendar playlist for this year on Spotify so you never miss a new song as it goes up. Plus you can comment or Tweet us with your thoughts on each entry using the hashtag #ChristmasSongAdventCalendar!

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