World Cup of Boybands

So. You may remember last week I launched a World Cup of Girl Groups – which the Spice Girls comprehensively won after over a thousand votes were cast – in honour of Richard Osman’s brilliant new book The World Cup of Everything.

Such was the success of this, that we felt it only fair the boybands got in on the act too – and last night, we launched the World Cup of Boybands. Much like last week, this process of elimination contest will decipher once and for all, via Twitter votes, who the greatest all male five or four piece to walk the earth ever is.

The rounds work much the same as last week – here’s a reminder in case you missed it:

  • First Round – Five groups of four. Highest two from each of these goes through to second round.
  • Second Round – Five groups of two. Highest one from each of these goes through to the quarter final.
  • Quarter Final – One group of three and one group of two. Highest two from the first group and highest one from the second group goes through to semi final.
  • Semi Final – One group of three. Highest two from this goes through to the final.
  • Final – The highest voted boyband is the winner.

Voting for the first round is now open until 5:20pm today. The groups for the first round and the links to vote are below. Have fun and happy voting!


  • East 17
  • Westlife
  • The Wanted
  • Hanson


  • One Direction
  • Busted
  • Jackson 5
  • Backstreet Boys


  • Take That
  • McFly
  • Boyzone
  • Another Level


  • JLS
  • Five
  • New Kids on the Block
  • 911


  • Blue
  • *NSYNC
  • A1
  • Bros

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