#TweetHeeHee (09/03/2020)

It's Monday! But don't worry if you've failed to raise a smile so far today, as we're about to give you some proper giggles right now with our weekly round up of all things funny from our social media travels. This is #TweetHeeHee... SHEEP WHO STARE AT TWITTER USERS The lesser starred new novel from … Continue reading #TweetHeeHee (09/03/2020)

#TweetHeeHee (02/03/2020)

Good morning, welcome to a new month here on the blog. It's March, meaning Spring's almost around the corner, but you can get a spring in your step right now with seven more hilarious nuggets from our social media travels in the last seven days, with #TweetHeeHee... THE CAT SAT ON THE MATTRESS... ...and was … Continue reading #TweetHeeHee (02/03/2020)