#TweetHeeHee (13/01/2020)

Hello one, hello all. And if you're down about the weather or January generally, then we have the perfect Monday pick me up right here, right now, as we bring you the first installment of #TweetHeeHee for 2020. Time waits for no man, so let's bring on the LOLs for a brand new week (and … Continue reading #TweetHeeHee (13/01/2020)

#TweetHeeHee (Christmas Edition)

Well festive greetings and merriment all round blog reading people! And look, for our blog has even had a lovely Christmassy makeover for this month. And it's time for our annual Christmas edition of #TweetHeeHee to kick start this week for you, with seven festive nuggets of Yuletide hilarity from our social media travels. This … Continue reading #TweetHeeHee (Christmas Edition)

#TweetHeeHee (21/10/2019)

Fancy starting the new week with the funniest bits from our social media travels in the last seven days? Then boy you've come to the right place, for this is this week's installment of #TweetHeeHee... WHERE DO THE FEET END... ...and the other feet start? https://twitter.com/Complex/status/1186305625627738120?s=19 BIZARRE TWEET OF THE WEEK It's literally a Monty … Continue reading #TweetHeeHee (21/10/2019)