#PositiveInstagramPeople (26/10/2020)

Time as always to kickstart a new week on the blog with a gentle proffer in the direction of another bright corner of the social media sphere with #PositiveInstagramPeople.

It’s where you can get to know more about another brilliant social media account to follow that’s bringing something positive, uplifting or inspiring to other’s feeds and the world in general.

But we also wanna hear from you! If there’s an amazing account you think we should follow – and feature in a future blog – you can message us on our Instagram or leave your comments below. Now onto this week’s featured account…

NAME: Smash Hits Now

INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @smashhitsnow


Now, I realise that as with our recommendation of @3alvestonplace a couple of weeks back that this is a bit of a niche one – especially if you were born after 1998 – but I beg of you to hear me out.

Smash Hits magazine was the fortnightly essential reading for pop loving me between the ages of 9 – 12. If you’re the same age as me, then phrases like ‘Sniiiip!’, ‘Oh no! Not the biscuit tin!’ and ‘Natalie Umbrella-stand’ will sit clear on your 90s consciousness too.

The actual magazine itself folded after a series of ill fated relaunches in 2006, so we are just a bit in love with this new account which creates mockups of covers of what the magazine would look like were it still going today.

This includes stars that made it’s cover the first time round – such as All Saints (pictured above), Spice Girls, Five and Kavana, but also acts that appeared after its time who doubtless would have graced its cover multiple times – here’s looking at you, JLS and Ariana Grande. Get here for your 100% pure pop fix!

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