#SongoftheWeek: Shawn Mendes – ‘In My Blood’

ARTIST: Shawn Mendes SONG: In My Blood SO ALEX, WHY IS THIS YOUR SONG OF THE WEEK? I know for a fact that a dear friend of mine, Lyndz, who I more commonly and affectionately refer to as 'Scouse Sis' (owing to the fact she's from the North West of the UK, international readers. Kinda … Continue reading #SongoftheWeek: Shawn Mendes – ‘In My Blood’


All New #TweetHeeHee: Episode 9

Happy Monday people! Time as always to get your week off to a buzz with All New #TweetHeeHee, where we round up all the funny bits we've encountered on our social media travels in the last week and bring them to you for a giggle at the start of your new week. So let's get … Continue reading All New #TweetHeeHee: Episode 9