#StrictlyLiveBlogging Week 6: Fifth Live Show Results

Welcome back people to your second dose of #StrictlyLiveBlogging for this weekend. Tonight, the fourth couple are about to be voted off in tonight's dance off and thus bring 12 down to 11 in BBC celebrity dance series Strictly Come Dancing.  We'll be warming up with a look back at last night's dances at 6:30pm, … Continue reading #StrictlyLiveBlogging Week 6: Fifth Live Show Results


#StrictlyLiveBlogging Week 6: Fifth Live Show

Evening all, fans of BBC's Strictly Come Dancing (ooh. We sounded like a policeman)! It's time once again for another weekend of dazzling celebrity-pro ballroom antics, which means another round of #StrictlyLiveBlogging. We'll get under way as usual with a warm up looking ahead to tonight's dances at 6pm, followed by our live blog starting … Continue reading #StrictlyLiveBlogging Week 6: Fifth Live Show