#BlastfromthePast: North and South

With TV shows like The X Factor and The Voice now the most commonplace location from which to launch a pop career via a TV show, it's easy to forget that back in the distant past, there was another way. Such was the case for the band we meet on today's DeLorean hop with the … Continue reading #BlastfromthePast: North and South


#CrazyStupidTV: Derry Girls (Channel 4, 8th February)

It's official. We have a new comedy love in our life, and it's an absolute beauty of a show all the way from Derry. Or, as nominal lead protagonist, 15 year old Erin Quinn puts it in the opening episode of Channel 4's surprise new sitcom smash of this year, 'Londonderry, depending on your persuasion'. … Continue reading #CrazyStupidTV: Derry Girls (Channel 4, 8th February)

#CrazyStupidTV: Joanna and Jennifer: Absolutely Champers (BBC Two, 21st December)

There's several bits of telly that were on over Christmas that we have to talk about over the coming week, simply because of how brilliant they were. First of which was this show on BBC Two, all of two weeks ago. It's now 25 years since Jennifer Saunders' wonderful sitcom creation Absolutely Fabulous first aired in … Continue reading #CrazyStupidTV: Joanna and Jennifer: Absolutely Champers (BBC Two, 21st December)