Christmas Song Advent Calendar 2018: Day 24

ARTIST: Kermit The Frog SONG: One More Sleep Til' Christmas Although it only performed modestly well at the box office on its original December 1992 release, legendary puppet ensemble The Muppets' take on Charles Dickens' popular seasonal novella A Christmas Carol, starring Sir Michael Caine in the role of Scrooge, has proved to be a timeless … Continue reading Christmas Song Advent Calendar 2018: Day 24

#BlastfromthePast: Sesame Street

Before we delve into this week's #BlastfromthePast, a little scene setting for you. Cast your minds back to three days ago. Ah, the start of the weekend. And the time for most people to be clocking off and winding down for the week. If viral videos are your thing, chances are you'll have already seen … Continue reading #BlastfromthePast: Sesame Street