#AwesomeBoresome (Week ending 19/04/2015)

Apologies for being slightly late to the #AwesomeBoresome-ness this week. Blame this on the fact that I am currently fending off a sore throat and thus have the energy and attention span of a fruit fly. Being slightly ill isn't one of my #Boresomes though, but there are a couple of things that are. So … Continue reading #AwesomeBoresome (Week ending 19/04/2015)


Beating again: the rebirth of Marvin Humes

The post pop group solo career is a tricky, some might say unforgiving mistress to navigate. For every success story - Beyoncé, Robbie or Justin selling out stadiums and shifting albums by the bucketload, there's a thousand Abz, Lisa Scott-Lees or Appletons starring in Z-list reality shows and being dropped like hot potatoes from their … Continue reading Beating again: the rebirth of Marvin Humes