#CrazyStupidTV: The HitList (BBC One, 25th May)

It's not unfair to say that there are two areas of programming the BBC have struggled greatly with in the last decade and a half. One: making Saturday night telly unmissable during those times of the year when Strictly Come Dancing isn't on the air. Two: making a show centred around pop music actually unmissable … Continue reading #CrazyStupidTV: The HitList (BBC One, 25th May)


#CrazyStupidTV: Happy Hour With Olly Murs (ITV, 15th December)

Two rather big developments have happened regarding my absolute fave Olly Murs this last week. First, is that I finally announced last Monday evening that my wot fansite I used to run and edit about him is returning in the new year (more of which here). The second, is that adding to his other titles … Continue reading #CrazyStupidTV: Happy Hour With Olly Murs (ITV, 15th December)

Beating again: the rebirth of Marvin Humes

The post pop group solo career is a tricky, some might say unforgiving mistress to navigate. For every success story - Beyoncé, Robbie or Justin selling out stadiums and shifting albums by the bucketload, there's a thousand Abz, Lisa Scott-Lees or Appletons starring in Z-list reality shows and being dropped like hot potatoes from their … Continue reading Beating again: the rebirth of Marvin Humes