#CrazyStupidTV: The HitList (BBC One, 25th May)

It's not unfair to say that there are two areas of programming the BBC have struggled greatly with in the last decade and a half. One: making Saturday night telly unmissable during those times of the year when Strictly Come Dancing isn't on the air. Two: making a show centred around pop music actually unmissable … Continue reading #CrazyStupidTV: The HitList (BBC One, 25th May)


10 Years of Celebrity Juice

DISCLAIMER: Some of the video clips here may not be suitable for daytime viewing. You have been warned - or if you're American, worrrrned. It's not many comedy shows that make it to 10 years. But after 20 series, copious rounds of 'Lemon Head', 'Shouting One Out' and 'Spot the Golden Potato', and probably over … Continue reading 10 Years of Celebrity Juice