#CrazyStupidPlaylist: *NSYNC

It's fair to say this week has been a good one for 90s/00s pop geeks like myself. 20 years after the release of their debut album, all five members of legendary US boyband *NSYNC (JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone and yes, Justin Timberlake) were back together on Monday (30th April) for the unveiling of their … Continue reading #CrazyStupidPlaylist: *NSYNC


Christmas Song Advent Calendar 2017: Day 9

ARTIST: *NSYNC SONG: Under My Tree ALBUM: Home for Christmas (1998, BMG) I didn't learn that *NSYNC had released a Christmas album until about six years ago, and I duly imported a copy of it from eBay in the States. Needless to say, it has now been at the heart of my festive pop listening every … Continue reading Christmas Song Advent Calendar 2017: Day 9