#CrazyStupidAlbum: Eddie Brett – “Parlay”

Post-band solo careers. When this phrase is uttered, it usually conjures up one of two images. Either the image of the people who've gone on to get it really right (Beyoncé headlining at Glastonbury 2011, Cheryl launching 'Fight for This Love' on X Factor in THAT soldier outfit, Justin Timberlake being all cool with The … Continue reading #CrazyStupidAlbum: Eddie Brett – “Parlay”

#CrazyStupidAlbum: Loveable Rogues – “This & That”

Up until this week just gone, life had several great mysteries that were still unsolved: why there wasn't any cure for the summertime blues, why toast landed jam side down, and why Loveable Rogues, despite being easily the best band in a long while to get their springboard into the public consciousness via reality TV … Continue reading #CrazyStupidAlbum: Loveable Rogues – “This & That”