#CrazyStupidPlaylist: BBC Children in Need Singles

It's that time of year again people! Today and all weekend, the nation digs deep and gets ready to do all manner of crazy things to raise money for the BBC's annual Children in Need appeal, with the live telethon kicking off tonight at 7pm on BBC One. One of the longest standing traditions of … Continue reading #CrazyStupidPlaylist: BBC Children in Need Singles


Beating again: the rebirth of Marvin Humes

The post pop group solo career is a tricky, some might say unforgiving mistress to navigate. For every success story - Beyoncé, Robbie or Justin selling out stadiums and shifting albums by the bucketload, there's a thousand Abz, Lisa Scott-Lees or Appletons starring in Z-list reality shows and being dropped like hot potatoes from their … Continue reading Beating again: the rebirth of Marvin Humes