The Good News Week (10/04/2019)

Needing a little midweek reminder that the world is a good place despite all the confusion and unrest? Then you need to take a look at three stories in the news that show just that with The Good News Week. If you enjoy the stories we've found this week, let us know - remember this … Continue reading The Good News Week (10/04/2019)


The Good News Week (20/02/2019)

Needing a burst of positivity to inspire you and lift you up? Look no further than The Good News Week, our weekly bulletin every Wednesday of some of the most uplifting stories that have been making the news in the last seven days. If you enjoy checking these stories out, remember this is a place … Continue reading The Good News Week (20/02/2019)

Q: Are there good things in the world to think about?

I'm grateful for Victoria Coren Mitchell. The writer and presenter summed up a national mood in a piece she wrote in The Observer this weekend just gone, that I'm sure many writers and bloggers - present writer included - are feeling countrywide at present. Political uncertainty and general turmoil following a snap general election, and a … Continue reading Q: Are there good things in the world to think about?