Struck Down in the Pribe Ob Libe

*sings* Talking away...I don't know what... what to say, I'll say it anyway...oh hello.  Don't mind me, just embracing Instagram's rather awesome new Stories filter, that makes me look I'm in A-Ha's video for 'Take On Me'. I digress from this 80s-tastic notion. Just thought I'd check in as I've been noticeable by my (certainly … Continue reading Struck Down in the Pribe Ob Libe


My Ultimate Christmas TV Specials

If there's one element of Christmas I have always loved, even as a kid, it was getting the bumper two week Christmas and New Year edition of Radio Times and highlighting all the TV specials and festive episodes of favourite shows I wanted to watch - many of which have become evergreen favourites of mine … Continue reading My Ultimate Christmas TV Specials

“Friends” at 20: The One With my 10 favourite episodes

This week, exactly 20 years ago, a show launched on primetime US TV that would change the face - and world - of television forever. Over 236 episodes, and 10 seasons of laughs and one liners galore, "Friends" bought ensemble comedy to the mainstream, as we became engrossed in the lives and loves of six … Continue reading “Friends” at 20: The One With my 10 favourite episodes