#CrazyStupidTV: Simply Nigella (BBC Two)

Few sights are as comforting for me with the TV schedules and bookstore shelves as that of seeing a new series and book from my favourite TV cook person Nigella Lawson on them. My love affair with all things Nigella started when I was a teenager and her first series, 'Nigella Bites' aired on Channel … Continue reading #CrazyStupidTV: Simply Nigella (BBC Two)


Dear Cat & Fi: The One in Two Parts (Part 1)

Dear Cat & Fi, Helllooo! Hope you are both well. I am absolutely buzzing because this week's blog to you both is special for many different reasons. Firstly, because well. My blogs to you are usually written from the comfort of my bedroom, with my laptop perched on my fold up desk. And this is … Continue reading Dear Cat & Fi: The One in Two Parts (Part 1)