#12ListsofChristmas: Day 3

Hello gorgeous people, it's #12ListsofChristmas and we're now on Day 3, and precisely ten more sleeps until Christmas, so time for us to bring you another list of twelve festive faves. We wanna hear from you of course - what are your favourites, if you agree with our choices, let us know. You can comment … Continue reading #12ListsofChristmas: Day 3

#15Daysof30Lists: Day 3

Evening all, it's now Day 3 of #15Daysof30Lists, my series of blog posts where I make lists of my 30 favourite things by category every day until my 30th birthday, which is a week and a half hence. Why I'm doing it: so you can all get to know yours truly a bit better ahead … Continue reading #15Daysof30Lists: Day 3