#12ListsofChristmas: Day 12

We're here at last! It's Day 12, and thus the last of our #12ListsofChristmas. We hope you've enjoyed the last 12 days of this series, and that it's got you in a suitably festive mood. Don't forget you can comment below or Tweet us using our hashtag #12ListsofChristmas to let us know your thoughts. All … Continue reading #12ListsofChristmas: Day 12

#15Daysof30Lists: Day 12

Welcome to Day 12 of #15Daysof30Lists - fifteen days leading up to my 30th birthday on Monday where I list 30 of my favourite things on different subjects and categories. There's only a few more days left for you to get to know me a bit better via the medium of lists, and likewise me … Continue reading #15Daysof30Lists: Day 12