Ah-woof: a post in praise of Hey Duggee

There are some new things I've started doing since, well, let's be honest, even before a nationwide lockdown commenced. And owing more than ever to the fact I've not seen my youngest nephew in two months, this is one of the ways I can still feel connected with him, through a TV show that both … Continue reading Ah-woof: a post in praise of Hey Duggee

#CrazyStupidTV: ‘The Clangers’ (CBeebies)

There'll be two camps reading the title of this post, both of whom will think I've taken complete leave of my senses. The first camp will be thinking why a 25 - nearly 26 - year-old man is watching a show on CBeebies. The second camp - most of whom will be over 40 - … Continue reading #CrazyStupidTV: ‘The Clangers’ (CBeebies)