Ciao for now, #CatchupRoundup

So I have a small announcement where the blog is concerned today. I have decided to rest #CatchupRoundup, my series of blogs each Tuesday where I picked the best TV shows on the on demand services. The reasons for this are mainly because it was getting increasingly difficult to find decent stuff to watch across … Continue reading Ciao for now, #CatchupRoundup

#CatchupRoundup (19/02/2019)

Needing to cosy in with some good new stuff on the box tonight? Look no further and get yourself comfy, as we bring you #CatchupRoundup, our weekly look at some of the best new shows the on demand services have to offer... FLAT PACK POP: SWEDEN'S MUSIC MIRACLE (BBC iPlayer) Question: what do Ace of … Continue reading #CatchupRoundup (19/02/2019)