The Story of Pop: 1999 (Chapter 9)

Sometimes to understand pop now, you need to look back at what it was then. Or so a wise man once wrote. This is The Story of Pop: 1999, and time once again to bring you another huge UK chart hit from exactly 20 years ago. This week: the 19th top 40 single from some … Continue reading The Story of Pop: 1999 (Chapter 9)


#ThrowbackTunesday: Episode 15

Time once again for us to set our clocks back to five points in this exact week from the last 25 years of UK chart hits, as we bring you this week's edition of #ThrowbackTunesday. Let's take a look at what former chart smashes have made this week's playlist... 1993: Whitney Houston - I Have … Continue reading #ThrowbackTunesday: Episode 15