#BlastfromthePast: The Record of the Year

Televised phone voting contests are just a natural part of the British viewing landscape now. But 20 years ago, the Eurovision Song Contest excluded, they weren't. That was, however, until the very channel who's been the home of so many of them, launched a brand new annual music show. Created and devised by the same … Continue reading #BlastfromthePast: The Record of the Year

#BlastfromthePast: Rainbow

I write this special #BlastfromthePast blog about possibly one of my favourite TV shows as a kid on two notes this week. Firstly, on the note of sadness, due to the news that it's much loved central host passed away at the age of 76 this week. But also on a note of trepidation, largely … Continue reading #BlastfromthePast: Rainbow