#CrazyStupidBook: Giovanna Fletcher – “Always With Love”

Hello all! We are back! We've gone and got the decorators in and we've got a shiny new look (and sort of new name) to boot 🙂 I felt with the blog approaching its two year anniversary (go figure) that it was time for a bit of an update. And what better way to kick … Continue reading #CrazyStupidBook: Giovanna Fletcher – “Always With Love”


#CrazyStupidBook: Giovanna Fletcher – ‘Billy and Me’

Now for my first book review in a very long time! Published two years ago, 'Billy and Me' is the debut novel from actress and vlogger Giovanna Fletcher. You may wonder why it's taken me that long to get round to reading it - after all, she has had her second novel, 'You're the One … Continue reading #CrazyStupidBook: Giovanna Fletcher – ‘Billy and Me’