#AwesomeBoresome (Week ending 31/05/2015)

It's nearly June. Can you believe that? Just time for me, however, to squeeze in my weekly round up of all the things I've been rating and slating in the week just gone - so here, for your reading pleasure viewers, it's this week's #AwesomeBoresome... #AWESOME - Aston Merrygold being Back! Back! Back! and single … Continue reading #AwesomeBoresome (Week ending 31/05/2015)


#AwesomeBoresome (Week ending 17/05/2015)

It's Sunday, and thus time to tell you what I've been rating and ditching this week in what I like to call #AwesomeBoresome...let's kick things off then... #AWESOME - The Twitter account 'Things on my Rabbit' Victoria Beckham has been well known to call fans of her clothing line 'fashion bunnies' on her Twitter account … Continue reading #AwesomeBoresome (Week ending 17/05/2015)