Ciao for now, #CatchupRoundup

So I have a small announcement where the blog is concerned today. I have decided to rest #CatchupRoundup, my series of blogs each Tuesday where I picked the best TV shows on the on demand services. The reasons for this are mainly because it was getting increasingly difficult to find decent stuff to watch across … Continue reading Ciao for now, #CatchupRoundup


Struck Down in the Pribe Ob Libe

*sings* Talking away...I don't know what... what to say, I'll say it anyway...oh hello.  Don't mind me, just embracing Instagram's rather awesome new Stories filter, that makes me look I'm in A-Ha's video for 'Take On Me'. I digress from this 80s-tastic notion. Just thought I'd check in as I've been noticeable by my (certainly … Continue reading Struck Down in the Pribe Ob Libe