Ah-woof: a post in praise of Hey Duggee

There are some new things I've started doing since, well, let's be honest, even before a nationwide lockdown commenced. And owing more than ever to the fact I've not seen my youngest nephew in two months, this is one of the ways I can still feel connected with him, through a TV show that both … Continue reading Ah-woof: a post in praise of Hey Duggee

#CatchupRoundup (29/01/2019)

If you're needing to cosy up and hunker down away from the wintry weather tonight, then we've got the perfect televisual accompaniment for you, with this week's #CatchupRoundup. So go get a nice blanket and your hot drink of choice whilst we recommend our picks for this week from the on demand services... LADYBIRD BOOKS: … Continue reading #CatchupRoundup (29/01/2019)