#ThrowbackTunesday: Episode 18

Time once again for us to hop aboard our musical DeLorean that is #ThrowbackTunesday! As always before our featured song this week, here's the songs that have made it onto the playlist that were UK chart hits this exact week in the last 25 years... 1993: House of Pain - Jump Around 1998: The Tamperer … Continue reading #ThrowbackTunesday: Episode 18


#SongoftheWeek: Albin Lee Meldau – ‘The Weight Is Gone’

ARTIST: Albin Lee Meldau SONG: The Weight Is Gone SO ALEX, WHY IS THIS YOUR SONG OF THE WEEK? As it turns out, Sweden has had a hand in both our #ThrowbackTunesday selection and our brand new #SongoftheWeek this week. Who'd thunk it? And this week, it's the debut from an artist who I believe … Continue reading #SongoftheWeek: Albin Lee Meldau – ‘The Weight Is Gone’

#CrazyStupidTV: Love In The Countryside (BBC Two, 2nd/9th May)

It's been a long while since I've had an interest in a dating show. Blind Date with the late Cilla Black would have been the last example of that (before it turned into a parody of itself with the ditching of 'Our Graham' and everything that made it good c. early 00s).  Oh actually tell … Continue reading #CrazyStupidTV: Love In The Countryside (BBC Two, 2nd/9th May)