#SongoftheWeek: Izzy Bizu – ‘Faded’

ARTIST: Izzy Bizu SONG: Faded SO ALEX, WHY IS THIS YOUR SONG OF THE WEEK? Unlike most people, my knowledge of Izzy Bizu came prior to her break through as a solo artist in 2016. Prior to that, she was a member of SoundGirl, a clever if not quite big pre-Little Mix who supported Pixie … Continue reading #SongoftheWeek: Izzy Bizu – ‘Faded’

The Story of Pop: 2000 (Chapter 22)

Revisiting the UK chart smashes from the year France won the Euro football championships and when Sir Michael Caine received his knighthood, this is The Story of Pop: 2000. This week: the tale of a UK club smash that found fame Stateside before topping our charts for three weeks... We saw earlier in the series … Continue reading The Story of Pop: 2000 (Chapter 22)

Our definitive ranking of all of The Saturdays’ singles.

One amazing - and surprising - positive of lockdown has been something (or rather, some ladies) we didn't think we'd be seeing or indeed talking about again in the collective sense, let alone in the current climate. Chiefly, the weekly digital reissue of every single released by our British-Irish girl group faves from ten years … Continue reading Our definitive ranking of all of The Saturdays’ singles.