#TweetHeeHee (25/03/2019)

    If the spring sunshine's not enough to bring a smile to your face this Monday, then we've the very thing for you now with #TweetHeeHee. So pull up your socks and get your LOL gear round these little humourous nuggets we've found on our social media travels in the last seven days... AN … Continue reading #TweetHeeHee (25/03/2019)


#CrazyStupidTV: Derry Girls – 2×03: ‘The Concert’

Another week, another new episode of Derry Girls to get through. We're at the halfway point of Series 2 already and quite frankly, we're wondering why it's not long enough. Damn you Channel 4. But no time for mid-series wallowing, for we need to catch ourselves on and dissect what went down on Episode 3...No, … Continue reading #CrazyStupidTV: Derry Girls – 2×03: ‘The Concert’

#CrazyStupidTV: Derry Girls – 2×02: ‘Ms De Brún and the Child of Prague’

*in best Heather Small impression* You've got to search for the hero inside yourseeelllff...oh. Hello! Just warming up with a spot of M People. No, I've not been watching Miranda instead, all will become clear later on. For now, let us bring you the lowdown on partie le deux of Derry Girls, series le...deux...? Let's … Continue reading #CrazyStupidTV: Derry Girls – 2×02: ‘Ms De Brún and the Child of Prague’