My Grate-ness List

Hello everyone,

Once again I know this festive season is looking different for a lot of people when they hoped it would be approaching something more normal.

But I hope with this little poem I have written about my “Grate-ness” list (a Christmas Gratitude List, if you will) that I have encapsulated the reminder that, for everything worrying that the world may throw at us, there is always lots to be grateful for. I hope therefore it gives comfort and a bit of sparkle to those who need it.

Wishing all who continue to read and support this blog a peaceful, safe and relaxing Christmas.

Much love always,


x x 🎄❄️❤️🎅⛄🎁📝

My Grate-ness List by Alex MacGregor

As another year nears its end
And as I wonder upon where it went
I think not upon my wants and desires
But for those people, places and comforts I greatly admire

For although the world is an uncertain place
And fate and time show their unpredictable face
I know that all above it all
There is a lot to be grateful for

My family, who I love so much
My mum and dad, who are the best of the bunch
Being alive, healthy and well
Breathing in cosy Christmas time smells

My dear friends, brothers and sisters many
Whose compassion and spirit is the best of any
The warming comfort of that first cup of tea
Especially on those mornings where it needs to be

Good meals in my belly, clean water to drink
A warm dry roof over my head, it makes you think
That these things we take for granted should be treasured
They make our lives richer beyond all measure

Hearing my favourite song and singing along
A refreshing winter walk, not too short or long
Getting lost in the pages of my favourite book
Or beholding nature’s wondrous sights upon which I look

Finding joy in even the smallest ways
Showing kindness for all of my days
Bringing colour to others’ lives
And helping them to really shine

I’m too old to write to Father Christmas now
So instead, I’ll make a wish
To retain and give thanks to all that I hold so dear
Writing down my Grate-ness list.

© Alex MacGregor 2021. All rights reserved.

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