A poem for Christmas Day.

Love In All Things

by Alex MacGregor

When life hands us lemons, there is lemon drizzle cake
When life hands us confusion, understanding and helpful ears are there
When life hands us endings, new starts begin
When life hands us despair, hope springs up
When life hands us darkness, there is light within
When life hands us relentless pursuit, there are chances to stop and rest along the way
When life hands us the brash noise of reality, there is the peace of golden silence
When life hands us hard times, there is always kindness
When life hands us mean spirited behaviour, there is generosity
When life hands us icy treatment, there is warmth and compassion too
When life hands us any of these, there is always an optimistic opposite
And know this, above all else, that there is love in all things.

© Alex MacGregor 2020

Merry Christmas to all who read and follow this blog. I wish you all a safe, happy and peaceful day today.


X x 😊🎄❄🎅⛄🎁

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