#PositiveInstagramPeople (28/09/2020)

Need to make your social media a more positive place to be, full of inspiring and great accounts that make you feel good? Then you’ve come to the right place, as we bring you another of our #PositiveInstagramPeople.

Make sure you join us here every Monday, as we showcase another brilliant social media account to follow that’s bringing something positive, uplifting or inspiring to other’s feeds.

Don’t forget if there’s an amazing account you think we should follow – and feature in a future blog – you can message us on our Instagram or leave your comments below. For now, let’s meet this week’s shining social star… NAME: Seedball


We’ve mentioned the guys over at Seedball before on the blog, but their feed is truly one of the most inspiring that we follow at the moment, particularly with regards to the growing concerns about biodiversity and the natural environment.

The company, set up by Emily and Ana a few years ago, are moving ever forward with their mission to increase Britain’s wildflowers to gardens and open green spaces to help bees, butterflies, pollination and everything in between.


I’ve had great success planting up my first ever tin of theirs over the spring and summer, and their feed is full of helpful growing and planting tips for those who’ve invested in a tin to get greenfingered with.

But it also offers up tips for inviting other wildlife into your garden, as well as key facts about the benefits of certain plants and their importance in our ecosystems. So it’s positive, inspiring and informative, and we love it. Keep on growing Seedball fam!

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