#PositiveInstagramPeople (21/09/2020)

New week time, so that must mean it’s time to highlight another brilliant new social media account to follow with this week’s #PositiveInstagramPeople.

Every Monday, we showcase a social media account to follow that’s bringing something positive, uplifting or inspiring to other’s feeds.

Don’t forget if there’s an amazing account you think we should follow – and feature in a future blog – you can message us on our Instagram or leave your comments below. This week’s social media star awaits…NAME: 3 Alveston Place
INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @3alvestonplace


A bit of a retro one this week, this account. Back in the 90s, before the Internet was common place and Tweeting was something that birds did, and when there was actual weekly shows for music on TV, bands used to send things to you in the post.

Nice things we should add. Every time they released a new single or album, or went on tour, they sent out “mail shot” postcards to let their fans know this was happening imminently. And the place where these all came from (and where we briefly thought all music acts ever lived when they weren’t on TV, such was our 9 year old naivety) was an unassuming address in Leamington Spa.


Affectionately named after this house of 90s music amazingness, 3 Alveston Place is like a virtual museum of 90s music relics that reminds you of some greats – and not so greats – from the era that bought us Britpop, boybands and rave.

So if you’re craving a return to the days when a card asking to fill your details in for more info slid out of a new release you bought from OurPrice or Woolworths, then this is the account you simply must follow for the nostalgia factor alone.

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