#PositiveInstagramPeople (07/09/2020)

Well a hearty hello and happy Monday to you all. It feels like it’s been a while since I started a blog along those lines. But regardless of what your current situation is in these strange times for us all, which for many is sort of a halfway house between what was and what is, I hope you are keeping well and safe.

I’ve felt in recent weeks like I’ve been ready to have some regular post slots going again, the first of which I am launching today. I still don’t feel inclined to use Twitter heavily again in the foreseeable future – in fact my only real use for my personal profile these days is to share what I write on here.

But this blog has always been about making sure what I put out into the inter-web and big wide world is nothing less than positive, inspiring, funny or just generally uplifting. So with this in mind, and given my inclination more towards Instagram, every Monday I will be showcasing some #PositiveInstagramPeople.

Each week, I’ll be highlighting an amazing account that I follow and telling you exactly why I love following them. But I also want you, the reader to get involved. Maybe there’s a great, positive account we’re not yet following that we should? If so drop us a message via our Instagram direct or leave your comments below.

But for now, let’s meet our first featured Positive Instagram Person…

NAME: Paul McGregor

INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @pmcgregorcom


I first met Paul McGregor over a year ago at the first Walk&Talk4Men event that I attended.

He is a motivational speaker, podcast and YouTube host, mental health campaigner and the founder of the organisation Everymind at Work, which helps provide training and practical solutions for employer and employee mental well-being to HR professionals in 70 different businesses up and down the UK.

Prior to this, he was a journalist and blogger in men’s fashion, but built up Everymind at Work through giving talks as a speaker at different events and for numerous organisations.

His reasons for his raising awareness of mental health stem from sad circumstances. When he was barely out of his teens, his dad took his own life in 2009. He talks more about it and how this experience affected him on this above powerful and moving video from his YouTube channel.

Paul is our first Positive Instagram Person because of his amazing use of the platform to help normalise and increase the positive and healthy discussion around what sadly remains for many a difficult conversation about how we’re all doing mentally, and for men in particular.

But we are also showcasing him for his honesty and openness about how his own mental health struggles are still prevalent, and how he uses this to empower his activities with Everymind at Work, which makes his account one of the ones we always love seeing new posts on.

One thought on “#PositiveInstagramPeople (07/09/2020)

  1. Often coupled with talent is difficulty maintaining positive outlook. EveryMind offers hope providing holiday vacations, days off for charitable contributions and support. Good job. It’s an excellent worthy endeavor that truly helps.


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