Mindful Me.

Howdy all,

It may not have escaped your notice if you’re a regular reader that posting on this here corner of the web has well, dropped a little bit in recent weeks.

Things are different to how any of us imagined them four months ago, let alone a year ago. Some people are dealing with them well, others may be less so. I am one of said others. I have found it very overwhelming and at times I have put pressure on myself to make what is a passion and sideline into something more than it needs to be when, actually, it doesn’t need to be more. And that’s OK.

I feel very fortunate in many ways, and at this time more than ever, I am counting and thankful for every single blessing I have in my life, remembering what good qualities I do have, whilst also trying in small ways to make the world a better place for those less fortunate and struggling.

But it’s a lot mentally for any one person to take on, and so my relative lack of writing and posting has been more from a point of preserving what mental energy I have to write in my own time, and to ensure this blog remains what I always wanted it to be and what I hope it continues to be: a positive, uplifting space on the internet.

I am trying to take some time to be mindful and compassionate with myself, for those moments when I am inspired to write about people, causes and things that make me smile, uplift me and that I am passionate about.

I’ve also been taking this approach with social media of recent, trying to limit the time I am on there, so I am absorbing things more carefully, rather than just mindlessly scrolling and reacting, and reconnecting to pastimes and enjoyment with my full attention. Quality rather than quantity.

So know this, that when I do write and post at the moment, it’s about what I am putting out rather than how much I can squeeze in to a few days. I should also say a big thank you at this juncture because my stats have gone through the roof in recent times. I don’t do it for that, but I’m pleased that so many people click through onto my here corner of the web. It means a lot.

Much love and stay safe, keep smiling,


X x


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