#SongoftheWeek: Four of Diamonds & Mr Eazi – ‘The Writer’

  • ARTIST: Four of Diamonds & Mr Eazi
  • SONG: The Writer


By rights, the Four of Diamonds girls should be, if not globally huge, then at least of consistent top 10 hitting heights levels of success. That they remain slept on by Joe Public in 2020 since we last wrote about them is a bit the sad.

Particularly as they’ve just released another totally brilliant single. A collaboration with Mr Eazi, ‘The Writer’ is an uplifting banger with a positive ‘Don’t let anyone control you’ kind of message.

‘It’s our life, we are the writers’ they holler at the top of their lungs on the epic chorus. And at a time when a good, uplifting pop song is needed, they continue to deliver on that front. Hopefully that translates back commercially too.

‘The Writer’ is available to stream and download now via Virgin EMI. Twitter: @FourofDiamonds

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