#GoodTimeScrapbook (11/05/2020)


Evening all, and welcome to this week’s installment of the #GoodTimeScrapbook, our new series of weekly posts with little ‘scraps’ – ideas – of positive things to see, do and enjoy whilst we’re all still in these strange times, whether that’s a new podcast to listen to, a new show to watch, an Instagram live stream to follow, a fun activity to do, or just something generally uplifting.

And as always I’m happy for you, the reader to get in touch. You can leave your comments below during the week to let me know if you’ve taken up on any of the scraps we’ve suggested, or even message us on our Instagram or here if you think there’s something we should try.

Time then to press on with our look at this week’s scraps…

  • SCRAP #1: Paul Kerensa’s Uplift Live streams

One of our actual favourite humans to follow on our socials – and a generally funny bloke all round – comedian and writer Paul Kerensa (Miranda, Not Going Out, and also a regular contributor to the ‘Pause for Thought’ slot on BBC Radio 2) is taking to his YouTube channel every Tuesday at 8pm for his ‘Uplift Live’ stream sessions. Expect lots of hilarity, warmth and general company like this from last week’s session.

  • SCRAP #2: A podcast about The Queen’s Nose. No really

One of our most exciting discoveries on our podcast travels recently is On The Nose, the work of two best friends Sam and Dan, which is primarily centred around their love of – one of my childhood book and TV favourites – by Dick King Smith, The Queen’s Nose. In this series they even meet and talk to some of the stars of the popular BBC serialization of the book such as Paula Wilcox and Heather Jay Jones, and it’s surprisingly compelling and funny listening, particularly if you grew up watching the show or reading the book.

  • SCRAP #3: Virtual garden visits

Now this is a particularly lovely one, especially for those without access to an open green space at this time. The National Garden Scheme, which usually hosts hundreds of open gardens across the UK to raise money for different charities – including Marie Curie UK – are bringing the gardens to their Instagram followers for daily ‘virtual visits’ which you can follow via the link in their bio. Here’s a look at today’s one if you want to go check it out:

  • SCRAP #4: 7 Day Album Challenge

A fun one to do whatever social platform takes your fancy. We were nominated for the 7 Day Album Challenge by our cousin on Facebook, where basically we upload a cover of an album we really love once a day for seven days and then nominate a fellow follower, family member or friend to do the same. If nothing else, it brightens up our social feeds with music and positivity, which we need more than ever at this time.

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