#GoodTimeScrapbook (04/05/2020)


Hi everyone, and welcome to this week’s installment of the #GoodTimeScrapbook, our new series of weekly posts with little ‘scraps’ – ideas – of positive things to see, do and enjoy whilst we’re all at home in these strange times, whether that’s a podcast to listen to, a show to watch, an Instagram live stream to follow, a fun activity to do, or just something generally uplifting.

And as always I’m happy for you, the reader to get in touch. You can leave your comments below during the week to let me know if you’ve taken up on any of the scraps we’ve suggested, or even message us on our Instagram or here if you think there’s something we should try.

Onwards we go then with our look at this week’s scraps…

  • SCRAP #1 – Marvin and Rochelle Humes’ #StayHomeHitList

Literally our favourite showbiz couple (seriously, they are #RelationshipGoals), Marvin and Rochelle Humes have had to postpone filming of the third series of their hugely successful BBC One music quiz The HitList. But never fear, cause they’re bringing it to you on their Instagram every Sunday night at 8pm, so you can play along and shout out the answers just as you do when they’re on the telly. Plus they’re also raising money for NSPCC whilst they’re doing it, so it’s all for a good cause too.

  • SCRAP #2 – Making Bunting for VE Day

This Friday, 8th May, for this year only, is when we have the first Bank Holiday of the month, as it marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day, which marked the end of WWII in Europe. Obviously most events to mark this historic occasion have been called off for obvious reasons, but families across the UK are still planning virtual street parties to celebrate, and are even making their own bunting too. iNews have their own guide on how to make your own here at their website. So why not get and literally hang the bunting out this weekend?

  • SCRAP #3 – Dermot O’Leary’s Podcast for Audible

Literally one of our telly faves since, well, forever, Dermot O’Leary has just launched the second series of his podcast People Just People on the audiobook service Audible. Free to listen and download for users of Audible, it sees Dermot meet and talk to all manner of interesting people from all walks of life, such as in this week’s episode, where he meets two people who experienced the racing disaster at Fastnet in 1979. Head here to sign up to Audible and download the episodes so far.

  • SCRAP #4: Kermit the Frog singing an old favourite in lockdown

We probably wouldn’t recommend watching it if you’re feeling a bit totes emosh, but when Kermit breaks out his banjo to sing this classic number from the original Muppet Movie, you know the world’s still an alright place, really. We’re not crying, you are!

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