#SongoftheWeek: Melanie C – ‘Who I Am’

  • ARTIST: Melanie C
  • SONG: Who I Am


We only last mentioned Melanie C but a few weeks ago when one of her classic hits was on The Story of Pop: 2000. But the one they call Sporty Spice is back in action with an absolutely cracking new single too.

The first single from a – as yet to be confirmed – eighth solo album, ‘Who I Am’ is very different to what you might expect of a single from Mel, in the best possible way.

Lyrically and musically, it’s an unapologetic electro disco banger with a slight feel of wistfulness, in which she talks about coming of age as a woman and not being sorry for her flaws and traits that make her well, who she is.

The stunning video reflects this too, as Mel sings around visitors to a museum showcasing past images from her career to date. In a way, it seems a shame that this single has come two decades after what’s regarded as her commercial zenith. Creatively and musically, Mel’s never sounded better.

‘Who I Am’ is available to stream and download now via Red Girl Records. Twitter: @MelanieCmusic

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