#GoodTimeScrapbook (13/04/2020)

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all having a safe and happy Easter. As regular readers will know, #TweetHeeHee, which used to be in this slot on Mondays has taken a break for the foreseeable future as I decided to come off Twitter for an indefinite hiatus. However, I wanted something positive and regular to stay in this slot of blog posts whilst the world continues to be a little strange.

And today I am pleased to say I’ve got this new series to unveil. Every Monday, around about 5pm, I will be sharing my #GoodTimeScrapbook. Basically, it’ll be a series of weekly posts with little ‘scraps’ – ideas – of positive things to see, do and enjoy whilst we’re all at home, whether that’s a podcast to listen to, an Instagram live stream to follow, a fun activity to do, or just something generally uplifting. Think of it as Blue Peter without the badges and pets – but better.

And as always I’m happy for you, the reader to get in touch. You can leave your comments below during the week to let me know if you’ve taken up on any of the scraps we’ve suggested, or even message us on our Instagram or here if you think there’s something we should try.

So without any ado, here’s the first lot of scraps for you to give a go…

  • SCRAP 1: Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s Kitchen Disco

Our new favourite way to spend Friday nights are in Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s kitchen. Yes, the ‘Murder on the Dancefloor’ hitmaker and pop legend is bringing the party to her kitchen on her Instagram Live every Friday night at 6:30pm, disco balls and spangly outfits included. Above is last Friday’s one – which was also for her birthday, so happy birthday Sophie – so why not whack it on and have a little boogie in your kitchen?

  • SCRAP 2: Colouring In

Now we know there was a big fad a few years ago for colouring in books – particularly adult ones – but we took it up then, and can vouch and say that, even though we were crap at art at school, it’s an incredibly relaxing past time. Just us, the pencil box and sharpener and our favourite colouring book, which is a beautiful Vintage Patterns one we purchased a few years back. Here’s some of our completed designs we’ve done, but if you want to find some great designs to print off, the team at Lifewire have published this list of the best sites to use, and even some great colouring apps to download to your phone or tablet for hours of fun.

  • SCRAP 3: Pitch Your Own Lego Set

We recently had great fun building the newly released Lego set based around the famous ‘Central Perk’ coffee house from the popular US sitcom Friends. The set was actually the creation of one Aymeric Fievet from Normandy in France, who won the chance to have the set made by campaigning for it on the toy brick’s new service called Lego Ideas, where fans can pitch their ideas for future sets, get it in front of their top design team, and recieve a percentage of sales profits if it goes into production. You can find out more by visiting the Lego Ideas website here. Who knows – your idea might be next!

  • SCRAP 4: Watch Amelie

Since we first it saw back in our A Level French days, Amelie has remained one of our all time favourite films. Starring Audrey Tautou, and first released almost 20 years ago, this French language romantic comedy (with English subtitles) about a waitress who takes to performing random acts of kindness for the people and community around her in Montmartre, Paris, is the uplifting watch you didn’t know you needed. You can watch Amelie online for rent from YouTube, Amazon Video and Google Play.

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