The Story of Pop: 2000 (Chapter 14)

The Story of Pop: 2000. It’s our weekly visit back to the sights and sounds of the UK charts as they looked back at the start of the 21st century. This week: the biggest hit to date for one of dance music’s finest exports from Ireland…

Just how do you follow a record like ‘Sing It Back’, a track that had to be released twice before it became a huge chart hit? On this week twenty years ago, Moloko delivered the emphatic answer to that particular query with style.

The first single from their third studio album ‘Things To Make & Do’, ‘The Time Is Now’ stylistically kept to the same feel as their remixed #4 smash that had gone before it, but whilst not neglecting the lo-fi roots they’d started out on.

Opening on an instantly recognisable double bass riff, and resplendent with lightly brushed hi-hats and sweeping string arrangements, it was the kind of record that sounded just at home in a private Greek villa with a cocktail in hand at sunset as it did in a trendy wine bar.

Little wonder then, that ‘The Time Is Now’ gave Roísín and Mark their biggest hit to this date, smashing straight in to the UK charts at #2 upon release. More lesser starred hits followed and another album before they parted ways for good in 2003, but we’re confident in saying that few other records we’re yet to meet will ooze as much as style and substance as this.

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